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The Minutes of the Board of Governors accommodates many topics and themes. It emerged during colonisation and saw the 1907 earthquake, the 1938 riots and common grownup suffrage in 1944, simply to call a couple of major turning factors and occasions in Jamaica’s history. As a result, the response of the Institute to those adjustments could be examined, especially since these persons resided in Jamaica and their opinions would have been reflected of a section of Jamaica’s society. In addition, the response of the Institute to those occasions and the path that they took consequently can be necessary aspects of their improvement and the development of Jamaica as well.

  • This legislation was passed on the 11 December 1816 to begin its operation from 28 June, 1817.

Various maps exist of this estate, till it came into the possession of Isaac Barnes and the 1883 plan of Lucky Valley Estate was redrawn to characterize this new possession. The Letterbooks had been written in Jamaica by individuals not from Jamaica. As such, they allow for an fascinating outsider’s look at conditions in Jamaica. The Consuls were located in Kingston, Jamaica and maybe the letters would be framed by situations in that metropolis. The Letterbook of the Consul of Columbia contains copies of all out-letters of the Consul and span September 17, 1844 to May 2, 1861. The Letterbook of the Consul of Columbia in Jamaica deals with a quantity of topics.

Eighteenth Century Newspaper Assortment

The sincere views that these individuals might have had about members of the Jamaican Assembly and Council would possibly prove useful for individuals studying the Old Representative System of Government in Jamaica. One of the poignant values of the information contained in the volumes of plat books is the variety of data it accommodates and the myriad information they include. Various forms of research could be carried out utilizing this one doc. It is also a helpful tool for cross-referencing evidence from similar sources within the recreation of the history of Jamaica from the 15th to 18th centuries.

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As such, persons are in a place to trace land tenure and utilization over time. Several plans are at occasions given for a similar estate over the course of time and as such persons are capable of investigate the transfer of land and use over time. In addition, for individuals wishing to check the evolution of the Jamaican panorama in early Jamaica, the Cadastral Map Collection is invaluable. The Cadastral Map Collection accommodates approximately 20,000 objects, most of that are in manuscript.

Cadastral Map Assortment

There is an elevated consciousness of the necessity for preserving the records of the previous with regard to Jamaica’s early historical past. [newline]The poor storage of those information during slavery, in addition to the ravages of time have meant that very few plantation data have been preserved to today in any useable kind. In many cases these data are missing, disjointed, water-stained, the writing is faded and the papers have rot. Worthy Park is among a small number of plantation data which were deposited of their holistic and unique kind.

The National Library possesses an extensive collection of nineteenth century newspapers that almost spans the whole English speaking Caribbean. These Caribbean Islands were at this point in history, colonies of England and as such their insurance policies had been influenced by the vicissitudes of England. While there are detailed catalogues of the extent of the National Library’s nineteenth century newspaper holdings, there is no card catalogue of it. However, attempts are being made to place the bibliographic particulars of the newspapers on a database that will be positioned on-line.